Advice for ladies taking pregnancy yoga classes

What to bring:

  • Cushions/pillows (to help to support and keep you comfortable)
  • Yoga mat if you have one (a few are available subject to availability)
  • Water/soft drink to keep you hydrated during class

Please remember to:

  • Maintain an adequate fluid intake and eat something light beforehand e.g. piece of fruit, toast.
  • Stop practicing yoga if you feel light headed, dizzy or fatigued. Sit or lie down and practice simple relaxed breathing.
  • If you already practice yoga please remember this is a time to slow down in your practice and be sensitive to the changes within your body.
  • Every pregnancy is unique so it’s important to listen to your body – don’t do anything which doesn’t feel right. Please feel free to come out of posture at any time if you are not comfortable.
  • Avoid jumping into and out of postures as this puts too much stress on the cervix, joints and ligaments.
  • Avoid standing still for long periods of time (move your legs regularly during standing) as this can cause varicose veins or you may feel faint or nauseous. Avoid holding postures statically for any longer than is comfortable.
  • Be aware of over-stretching – ligaments and tendons soften in pregnancy and if over-stretched can cause problems in later life.
  • Cease lying on your back from around 30 weeks (this can cause a drop in blood pressure which can lead to nausea, dizziness). Lie on your left hand side to allow better blood flow to you and your baby.
  • And finally, please let me know of any physical or pregnancy related problems that may arise from week to week.