Chair Yoga

Welcome to Radiance Yoga’s Chair Yoga!

What is Chair Based Yoga (CBY)?

It is the practice of Yoga using a chair for either the whole practice or part of it. The chair can be used as a means of support for the individual during standing practices. The chair is used by means of adapting the Yoga practice for the individual, making it more accessible to those who are restricted in mobility for various reasons. It is really for anyone; however, it is more unlikely to appeal to those that are more able-bodied.

CBY is for people that struggle with coming up and down from a mat ie those with chronic conditions such as M.E, M.S, and Fibromyalgia. Also, people may struggle with obesity and illnesses related to it.

Older people that are more fragile that want to keep mobile find it helpful to maintain a healthier lifestyle, along with those that are recovering from illness or injury.

Classes require you to complete a health questionnaire (PAR-Q) before taking part in any sessions. Please see the bottom of the page.

Class Details:


New Stapleford Community Centre,

Washington Drive,




** This centre has a large car park and disabled access and disabled toilet facilities**


Thursdays 10.30-11.30am


£8.50 drop in (please text 07877 489946 to reserve space) or pay for a class pass which is £24 and can be used within 6 weeks from the date of purchase.

What Will I Need?

Blanket and/or cushion to place down onto the chair

Yoga mat to place underneath the chair (for those able to stand and use the chair for support)

A drink to stay hydrated


Chair Yoga Health Questionaire (PAR-Q)

In order to take part in Chair Yoga, we need to understand your challenges and conditions so we can help you make the most out of your practice.

Emergency Contact Name(Required)
The following information is required to ensure your health. Whilst yoga may be practised safely by most people, there are certain conditions that require special attention. If you are unsure, please consult your GP before commencing class. Please indicate in the boxes below whether or not you have any of the following medical conditions and then provide further information:
These conditions may affect your practice and so it will be useful for your teacher to be aware of them:
Please tick (or otherwise indicate) in this box if you do not wish to declare medical information.
In some practices, you would be using the chair for support during poses that require balance. Please answer no if you are unable to stand for even short periods of time