“Strength” Pregnancy Yoga Class 19/03/18

Pregnancy Yoga – Long Eaton (Derbyshire)

Tonight during our class we focussed on strength. Gaining strength through the postures (asana), gaining strength through breath work (pranayama) and gaining strength from knowledge.

We always work with our babies first…the attention and “womb breath” are practised to help us all feel connected to our babies. After rushing around at work, driving to class and other stuff we have done during the day, its important to let our babies know we have arrived. Arrived in the present moment, arrived fully into our mind , body and safe space in which we practise together (babies and mummies to be!). Following this, we practised Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces blood pressure. It increases our respiratory strength, not to mention improving attention and fine motor skills!

We practised strong grounding asana, Warrior 2 (with a bow and arrow), balancing postures and the Sun Salutation. We worked to create a beautiful flow of energy, getting the blood moving around the body. Its so important to keep our pregnant bodies moving, even if we don’t feel like it!

Our pranayama practise to before relaxation was the wonderful Ujjayi Breath (or Ocean breath). This encourages a healthy flow of prana (energy) around the body and healthy oxygen to the lungs.

Our relaxation tonight took us on a visualisation trip….to the Ocean. Where we gazed upon the beach as the dawn broke. With the sounds of the bird and the waves crashing onto the shore. Feeling fully present in this state of peace and calmness.

Well done to all the lovely ladies for being fully present and open to the class.

Much love as always…

Claire x

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