Radiance Yoga Terms and Conditions

  • In 2020 pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes will run in 6 week courses. As space is limited, paying in a 6 week course in advance completely reserves your place. This must be paid for 3 days before the course starts

Currently prices for Pregnancy Yoga are:

6 week course (75 minute class)  = £55

Pay as you go (36-40 weeks of pregnancy only) = £10

Prices for Postnatal Yoga:

6 week Course £45

Classes can be paid for in cash, bank transfer, or PayPal with the following details:

PayPal: radianceyoga@outlook.com

Bank transfer: Ask for details

When using PayPal, please use “Friends & family” option.

Reference numbers will be allocated to you before you make a payment.



  • It is the responsibility of the student to keep me informed of injuries or ailments BEFORE the class, preferably the day before so I can adjust the class according if possible or advise you not to attend for safety reasons.
  • Pregnancy Yoga is generally advised from 12 weeks of pregnancy however it may be possible to join earlier provided you have midwife consent to attend. There is a space on the booking form to provide this.
  • If for any reason the class needs to be cancelled I will contact everybody as quickly as I can. If this happens on the last course date I will happily carry that class forward to the next course or alternatively offer a refund of that class value.
  • For all classes, please make sure you call or text 07877 489946 if you cannot attend. This is to ensure the doors can be locked for safety once everyone is in.
  • No refunds are to be given if you have not been able to complete the course unless Radiance Yoga were not able to teach classes. If you decided not to complete the course this is at your own discretion. We cannot carry forward classes due to mixing of other groups being restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Due to COVID-19, mats can no longer be borrowed. Please ensure you bring a yoga mat with you.
  • From time to time I may have photographs taken during the class to provide mums to be and postnatal mums an idea of what our classes look like as they get posted on the website and Facebook. I will always respectfully inform you prior to this happening so please let me know if you do not wish to be in the photograph.
  • Please everyone make sure they stay 2 metres apart and adhere to the mask to mat policy
  • Please everyone make sure they stay 2 metres apart and adhere to the mask to mat policy
  • Please keep your baby at home if he/she: Has a fever or has had one in the previous 24 hours. Has had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours. Has heavy nasal discharge. Has discharging eyes. Has symptoms of possible communicable diseases such as:- Measles, Chicken pox, German measles, Whooping cough, Impetigo, Scarlett fever, Hand, foot and mouth disease, Norovirus, Coronavirus