A few words from the ladies that have experienced Yoga at Radiance Yoga​​​​​.

Claire is an absolutely amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend her to everyone - pregnant or not!!!!! After being completely new to yoga (and ashamedly a little sceptical of the benefits to me and my baby) I have been wholeheartedly converted because of her! Her endless knowledge and experience has been invaluable to me! Her classes have been absolutely brilliant and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one! I can now do different positions that I never thought I could! Claire has genuinely helped me understand and enjoy my pregnancy in a way I didn’t think was possible! Added to this, I’ve met an amazing bunch of ladies who I have had the pleasure of journeying through the ups and downs of pregnancy with too. Each week has been filled with shared stories, useful info and lots of reassurance that has helped me tremendously! It’s not just been about the yoga! Now that I’m about to give birth, I am truly gutted that I won’t be-able to go that particular class any more. I am genuinely going to miss it!!! As a result, I’d like to take this chance to sincerely thank Claire for being so AMAZING in every way - I don’t think you realise how special you and your classes really are!!!! THANK YOU xxx



Claire is a great teacher who puts so much effort into planning her classes. The sessions are very welcoming and relaxing with just the right amount of challenge! Claire is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone.



I have tried yoga many times over the years with different teachers and each time have found it difficult to connect properly (if that makes sense?). From class 1 Claire had me hooked and I wanted to learn more and practice more. I think yoga can be daunting because of all the hype surrounding it, I know for some people its a lifestyle and they don't eat meat or drink alcohol and go to 'yoga retreats', but I never wanted any of that, I just wanted to do some yoga, feel better and have a laugh afterwards. Claire achieves this with ease! Our pre-natal class feels like a lovely little community, we don't have to pretend that we feel ok if we don't, we don't have to put on our 'pregnancy brave face' and we always come out at the end feeling relaxed with big smiles on our faces. Claire is there to answer any questions we have as well. I've even contacted her 'out of hours' when the aches and pains wont let me sleep and she has sent pictures of herself in poses that I can do at home. She genuinely wants to make you feel better/comfier and she does a sterling job! My only regret is that I didn't start classes earlier in pregnancy because ultimately they will come to an end. Go to one of Claire's classes, feel relaxed, have a giggle and a choccie biscuit - it will be the best thing you can do for yourself whilst making your little human. Love ya Claire, keep doing what you're doing - your ace!



Claire's classes are fab I wish I had found her sooner!! she is knowledgeable, professional but also brings great humour to her classes which is so refreshing. As its my first baby the great labour tips and handouts have been so useful. I would highly recommend!!!



As a mummy to a gorgeous 3 year old already, joining Claire's classes gave me some precious time to stop and focus on me and baby number 2. Her sessions gave me the opportunity to focus on bonding with my new bundle for the first time...i'd been so busy being a busy working Mummy up until that point. Her sessions are relaxed and gentle and she is wonderful at reminding you about the importance of you and your wellbeing throughout a pregnancy. Thanks Claire and all the lovely ladies I've met.



I used to be a yoga-sceptic but I've been converted and I adore these classes. Claire keeps them fun and friendly, whilst supporting us to move our bodies in safe, therapeutic and relaxing ways. The yoga has taught me techniques to help relieve pregnancy aches and pains, and the breathing techniques we've learned have been really valuable for keeping calm in preparation for labour. During the relaxation at the end of my first class, I felt my baby move for the first time - I'll never forget that. Highly recommended!!



Claire has created a relaxing, calming and warm class which I thoroughly enjoyed throughout my first pregnancy. The class meant that I met a range of mums where we shared experiences and general pregnancy banter. I enjoyed learning all of the breathing techniques and particular yoga positions which supported my back pains during the second and third trimester. I personally loved the gym ball session Claire taught which came in very handy during labour. Cannot wait to bring little one to the post natal classes soon.