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Hello to all of you!

Topic Time

Thank you all for the input regarding changing topic time delivery. It’s super important to me that you get the level of support you deserve whilst still maintaining a good all round yoga and meditation session. Neither should be sacrificing the other.

These videos have been saved to my new YouTube channel and shared within the group so please let me know if you are unable to gain access to them. So far we have had:- Back to back labour, latent phase breathing techniques and active phase techniques too. I will continue to release more and more.

Meet Ups

I’m so proud of how the community has grown! Recently I attended a post natal gathering of the ladies that have been to YogaTumz and given birth recently. All of them developing blossoming friendships and continuing to support each other through motherhood. Developing these connections can be such a lifeline at what can feel like an isolating time. Yes there is amazing joy when we finally have our babies, but at times we do need support and that’s why I’m over the moon this is happening! :oD The whatsapp group definitely has helped this and I encourage all groups to keep communicating, sharing posts, tips, asking questions and arranging meet ups.

New Course Dates

Monday Class: (PY18 October/November 2019) – 7th October, 14th October, 21st October, 28th October, 4th November, 11th November

Tuesday Class:(PYT3 October/November 2019) – 15th October, 22nd October, 29th October, 5th Nov, 12th November, 19th November

Please can all ladies currently attending let me know either via email or in class if you wish to book the next course. Don’t forget if you are in week 36 or more you can pay as you go.

Birthing Ball Yoga Class

On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October I will be running a birthing ball yoga session. This is designed to help you move in ways that ease back pain and practice ways to move to get baby out when the time is right. Here is a guide to using buying a ball:

It needs to antiburst, either 65cm if you are up to 5 foot 6 and 75cm if you are over 5 foot 6. I am 5 foot 6 and a 75cm if perfect for me. As a general rule, your knees need to be lower than your hips.

I have a handful of them left to borrow but strongly advise getting one as they come in very handy!

Thanks for reading everyone, see y’all very soon!

Much love

Claire xx

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